Why BMX Show?

Surely you ask why you should order just Dominika Nekolný and BMX Show. Below you have some answers that might help you decide.

BMX Show is a very attractive sport that does not do just anyone, so for most people is still new and therefore it is fresh and will captivate your audience!

Dominik is World Champion, 7x Czech Champion, Champion of North America, Germany Champion – in the PRO (highest) category – it is the only Czech who made it this far. Dominik is a true pro, hes not playing for one, thats what distinguishes him from other substantially much.

Our show is really a show. Not only we show to the audience the simple tricks, but also show them challenging tricks that just can not see daily. The audience is drawn into the show, whether you order only Dominik or full team.

We do a lot of kinds of shows. Not only balls, but mostly we focus for company events and conferences, where they’re expected level of professionalism and image that fails to offer everyone.

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